Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Marriage of Ideas

Hello Again

With the wedding of the decade out of the way and the prospect of full working weeks looming again we thought it would be fun to have our share of the frivolity and consider the links between a good marriage and good business relationship.

A Good Match
Wills and Kate had a long courtship and we think this might make sense in a business context too.  It is worth the recruitment consultancy and client taking time to get to know each other to ensure their styles and personalities are well matched.  With speculative CVs as welcome as cheesy chat up lines the emphasis is on taking actions that genuinely reflect the other party’s needs.

Not Just for Show
A big, showy wedding does not necessarily mean a successful marriage.  Likewise, handshakes at the end of a flashy presentation full of empty promises will only lead to a painful separation further down the line.  Two way communication, a sharing of ideas and a straightforward confirmation of commitment are the route to long term relationship.

Business Evolution
A strong relationship will evolve over time and both parties will be prepared to adapt to the other’s needs as they face new challenges together.  Today’s employment market is increasingly dynamic and it is vital for recruitment partners to be flexible in their actions and expectations.

You get the idea!

Latest News
Congratulations to the CIO we placed at a top 50 law firm and to all our other successful candidates.

Well done to our colleague Jade who completed the Brighton marathon in unseasonably high temperatures and raised £400 for International Animal Rescue.

Forthcoming Events
Directors Oliver Morris and Matthew Pike will be representing Picture More at the Legal Week Strategic Technology Forum in Spain.

We also have two teams entered in the KnowList’s charity golf day on 26th May comprising guests from Herbert Smith, Allen & Overy, Mayer Brown, Evident Legal and Picture More.

We are still looking to expand our own team with talented and enthusiastic staff.

We’ll catch up with our latest news and industry views in the summer.
Bye for now.

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