Monday, 17 August 2009

Engage, Transform, Energise!

Hello again, I hope you are well.

Personal Interests

Do you remember back in blog 1 when we talked about your CV having at least 3 personal interests which aren’t work related but do include:

· Evidence of teamwork
· Something eye-catching
· Something you really enjoy and can enthuse about

Mr X

Well this week I met a contact, let’s call him “Mr X”, with the following personal interests:
Regularly enjoy sailing, skiing, singing and reading. Ran the London Marathon and sailed in the Fastnet race. Public Relations Officer for Oxford Harmony. Played rugby for Leicester Tigers, Richmond and Henley.

The Message

It’s got it all! If you know this person you’ll recognize him from this. If you don’t know this person what would you expect? Someone who looks after themselves and is confident and outgoing? An enthusiastic team player who is ready to help others and push themselves to the limit whilst still having fun? Well you’d be right. He sounds quite employable doesn’t he?

I asked Mr X about the Fastnet race and got an entertaining answer. Based on his time on the yacht he came up with a new management concept: Engage, Transform, Energise.

First I got everyone to buy in to me by doing all the horrible jobs – Engage

When that spirit of trust was built up people took notice of me and I could lead by example – Transform

Once that started to happen my enthusiasm became infectious and the team became energized, I know that because they told me! – Energise.

I wanted to put this on the blog because I too got energized by Mr X and felt there was something here worth sharing.

Set an Example

Firstly this story underlines my advice to have that rounded package of personal interests, not just on the CV but in your life. Having a positive message tied to those activities is the icing on the cake.

Secondly it’s worth thinking about times when we can implement Mr X’s very transferable idea. Skipping the steps will lead to resistance. When could you use this model?

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